I Tried This Weighted Bathrobe to Relax, and It’s a 10/10


Throughout the last six months, my anxiety has been worse than ever. This year has thrown me for a loop for many reasons. I’m constantly looking for ways to relax and focus on myself. There are a number of things I’ve found that make me feel better and less stressed, including a weighted blanket. I had heard the hype about weighted blankets forever and am now a believer in their benefits.

When I heard Gravity, one of the most popular weighted-blanket brands, was releasing a new weighted bathrobe, I knew I wanted it. The brand’s newest launch is made in collaboration with Modernist’s designer Ron Chereskin and is worth every penny.

I wasn’t quite sure what a weighted robe entailed, and honestly, pictured myself dragging around the house in it. When I received it, I was pleasantly surprised at its stylish and smart design. There is a long three-pound inner piece that wraps around the collar of the robe. The feel reminds me of a heavy heating pad or even the sensation as a hug. It instantly makes me want to sit down and just relax.

The weight on my chest is so cozy and comforting, and it doesn’t feel too heavy or weigh me down at all.

The weight on my chest is so cozy and comforting, and it doesn’t feel too heavy or weigh me down at all. The rest of the robe is super fluffy, light, and the perfect material to cuddle up in.

The practical design is also easy to clean. I was worried about putting something so heavy in the washing machine, but the collar has a zip closure so you can take out the weighted collar. I already washed mine and the weight was easy to take out and put back in. Overall, I’m super impressed by its thoughtful features and the truly relaxing experience it provides. I used to just wear my robe after the shower and now I never want to take this one off. I’ve already planned on getting it for my mom and sister this holiday season. Keep reading to shop its colors and see its features.

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